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Tabernas Arengalia

Since 2001

Taberna del Porvenir

Our first Tavern We started out on this new project at the start of the new millennium with few resources but lots of enthusiasm, and soon became a meeting point for our neighbourhood.

Taberna de Torneo

The second came along three years later. Located in a completely new building, we were able to design a Tavern that is completely adapted to our needs. It is our most personal creation.

Taberna de Nervión

This Tavern has all the character of its neighbourhood, and its neighbourhood is none other than Nervión. The space is arranged in a peculiar way, and our terrace adjoining the park is probably the best one we have.

Taberna del Arenal

It has a unique location facing the Torre del Oro and our river. A spectacular bar where we have concentrated everything we have learned in our years of experience.

Taberna del Este

It is finished at last! After countless problems and in the middle of a pandemic, we managed to open our next Tavern. Located in the fast-growing neighbourhood of Seville East, our Este Tavern has the best facilities that are bar can have in a fantastic setting that we have made entirely ourselves. A Tavern prepared for the future!

Taberna del Centro

The Tabernas Arengalia group extends through the center of the city, on this occasion we opened "Taberna del Centro" in the Plaza de la Encarnación, taking our emblematic menu to all corners of the city.